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Seriöse singlebörse news single-fotos chat. Meier ed archäologie in. Berichte-Reports, values measured for radiometric dating and stable isotope research was determined from radiocarbon dating of shorelines — geomorphological and protohistoric archaeology, kiel.

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This approach continues to be applied in the international research community, which we welcome as a highly positive development. In this database 14 C data — primarily of the Neolithic of Central Europe and Southern Scandinavia — is collected and successively augmented. Its data set developed from the compilation of collections of individual scientists which included slightly more than 14 C dates for the Neolithic and the Early Bronze Age. Further data was added successively, but active participation in this process was restricted mainly to the above named persons.

In Christoph Rinne took on the task of giving the database a new appearance. He provided the existing rough table structure with a graphical user interface and enhanced its functionality with numerous features Rinne Even though he could already observe an active use of the database, he also noticed that the broadening of the 14 C dates incorporated into the database was significantly lower than the development of the existing data volume in the scientific community. Despite significant improvement of its functionality, the database did not achieve the aims of the project as communicated by its name.

To remedy this, a working group was formed in with the goal of creating an actual online database and equipping it with functions useful in archaeological research. Furthermore, the database was to be expanded.

This project was complemented by the friendly assistance of Karl-Göran Sjögren, who contributed to the database with his own collection of new 14 C dates for the Scandinavian region. Presently, 14 C dates are included in the database.

This allows for spatial analysis of the data and the regional selection of data samples through a spatial view thanks to a type of integrated basic web-GIS. Other new features include an embedded calibration tool, which allows the calibration of both individual data and multiple data sets including a sum calibration. The results can be stored in a visually appealing way as graphs in different vector and raster formats. Furthermore, due to a user management System, it is now possible to attribute unpublished data sent to the data base as hidden and make them immediately available online after publication takes place.

Finally, data export is possible in both the CSV format that is well-defined and processable with a variety of programs and in the OxCal syntax so that further analyses can easily be carried out.

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Despite all the progress some issues still persist. For example, the culture-phase structure still utilizes the conventional form of the original RADON database, featuring only one possible temporal classification among many and presenting more or less only a collection of temporal keywords.

To optimize this and produce a more uniform classification system remains a task which the authors want to dedicate themselves to in the future. Furthermore, there are insufficient references for various dates. To foster feedback by the users there is a comment field in the display form of each date. We hope that this will help to improve the data quality by contributions of the users in the sense of a Wiki-principle.

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